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หน้าแรก | Evaluation and Reporting Dep.

Evaluation and Reporting Dep.


         1. Monitor / expedite and process performance and progress . Problems in the Implementation of the plan / budget / production and projects. University of Pursuit spending the annual budget of the agency to meet the targets set by the government outlining the problems / obstacles that spending is on target. Analysis and reporting solutions , including the guidance presented to King 's College .
. Study and analyze the operational / fiscal spending . The agency's annual plan / budget / production / project / policy and mission . Of the University in accordance with plans and spending plans . University's annual
3. Analysis and processing reports / performance and cost. Budget plan, budget, productivity programs, policies and activities of the University, according to reports. University administrators to report on the budget and agencies involved.
4. Performance on quality assurance to support the assessment of both internal and external.
5. Reports the analysis of the success of the operation . Annual budget spending (PART) mailed the results were analyzed to improve and develop . Operations to comply and adhere to the guidelines of the budget focused portfolio strategy .
6. Prepare a report on the implementation of the public (AnnualReport) Report on the implementation of the University 's core mission 4 side / strategic plan / plan. Annual performance plans under the Government Administration and fulfilled . Certification of compliance , annual reports , including financial coordination . And gather information from subordinate units .



Miss Jarinee Kaewprasit

Policy and Planning Analyst

IP Phone :: 1700


Mrs. Pakamart  Malathong

Policy and Planning Analyst

IP Phone :: 1701


Miss Raweeporn  Buathongphud

Policy and Planning Analyst

IP Phone :: 1703