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หน้าแรก | Plan and Budget Dep.

Plan and Budget Dep.


      1 . The preparation of the Plan , which shall be made ​​in accordance with the plan. Administration prepared a strategic plan developed by the University of Technology. Srivijaya 4 Year Plan and Annual Plan .    

      2. Preparing the annual budget and the annual revenue budget . Comply with the rules, procedures , budgeting and Annual Action Plan.


      3. Management and Budget Annual Budget Annual income correctly and for maximum benefit.

     4. The preparation costs yield a detailed accounting of the real costs . The students in each branch and the cost per head participants each year budgets.


 Miss Tipvan  Wanheem
 Policy and Planning Analyst
 IP Phone :: 1701


Miss Sirikhwan  Siriwong
Policy and Planning Analyst
IP Phone :: 1701


Miss Aomruthai  Worasakdapisal

Policy and Planning Analyst

IP Phone :: 1700